New Work

New Work

Well, that took long enough!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and years of waiting that should not have been there to begin with… my book printed and shipped to it’s respective backers. I’m both proud and frustrated with the final product, but am happy to have it out and the orders fulfilled (if you’re interested, the book is available on Amazon, FWIW).

Where to go from here?

I’ve been thinking about my next move for a while now; this time, it’s going to be all on me (i.e., not “based” on anything in particular).

I’ve got a number of ideas in different genres, for different audiences.  What I want to do next will be here; it won’t be another Kickstarter project, but rather, a wholly new book, with the progress posted here (along with at least slightly related posts).

Not much more I can say about it right now, other than that it will be (more or less) an “all ages” book (not “kids only,” but not wildly inappropriate for kids, either), and the protagonist will be a young woman.

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