On Maintenance (Tools)

Best Practices, Fun With Tech
There’s a phrase I once heard from a somewhat famous Navy Seal/Motivational Guru* online somewhere that I had never heard before, but it’s a phrase I’ve always kind of lived by: “Two is one, one is none.” I’m a firm believer in having both a “Plan B” and, where possible, a “Plan C” for my own creative work.  You will be hard pressed to find me without a pencil, a pen, or paper in a workspace, even in a workspace in which I normally don’t spend a lot of time. While I tend to keep a pretty tidy work area, I have any nook and cranny around stuffed to the gills with supplies...because you never know when you’ll need an extra board, or a specific kind of brush for your…
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On Maintenance (Personal)

Best Practices, Work in Progress
Making comics can be brutal on a human body. Many artists spend up to 12 hours (some spend even more than that) a day sitting in place, making repetitive motions with one hand, and staring at a relatively bright surface while making art (and if you’re working digitally, you’re still sitting just as long in one place, albeit with an even brighter work surface in front of you). It’s not a healthy way to live. Even if you’re one of the few odd ducks who draws while standing (I can’t speak for his current working conditions, but at the very least, back in the 90s and early oughts, Frank Miller did a lot of work while standing), it’s not good for your health to stand more or less in place…
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