The Story So Far – Part II – The Four-Year Creative Drought (and the Light at the End of the Tunnel)

In the last segment, much was discussed about my first graphic novel and the issues I had with the production, release, and overall quality of it.

As time went on, I was fortunate to be hired for an organization doing a combination of web and graphic design work that pays well and offers quality benefits. However, due to a lot of outside-of-work stress (a lot of which was social media-generated), pandemic stress, loss of loved ones and more, my own personal creative juices were sapped. I still drew on an iPad Pro here and there, and occasionally got out traditional sketch paper or Bristol board for a few false starts at new projects, but I spent more time keeping busy just to keep my mind off of things that aggravated me, as the stress sort of ate up my happy place for writing and drawing (kind of like Shooter McGavin).

Pretty sure most internal happy places were pretty much ruined like this from 2017 through COVID times.



As time went on, leadership on a national scale and in my own locality changed for the better, COVID vaccines and boosters came along, and, finally, I ended up catching the Omicron variant myself (which, incidentally, felt exactly what I last called in sick for two years’ prior – which was three weeks before the nation shut down for COVID). Now on the mend, I started drawing in earnest again…this time, exclusively with paper, pencil and ink.

And I loved it. Loved the look, the feel of the pencil in my hand, the friction between the drawing utensils and the fibrous medium underneath it – everything. I was, in essence, re-learning my joy of the process. I attempted to recreate it with digital means…but it just wasn’t there for me. Everyone’s different in their likes, and while I can make a reasoned and logical list of all the reasons I should do everything digitally nowadays, I have to concede that traditional drawing brings me joy, and digital drawing does not. I don’t know why…maybe it’s the fact that I have no limit to do-overs, or maybe it’s the satisfaction of having a drawing in my hand that’s tangible…maybe it’s just tactile sensation. I don’t know. I do know that it’s awakened in me a desire to see how much I can do without a computer for a new book.

Next Up: Where I’m Going from Here