The Story So Far – Part III – Where I’m Going from Here

In the last segment, a roughly four-year period of time was recounted where very little creative work was being done, at least on a personal level. It ended at a near-present time where I started really getting into the fun and enjoyment of hand-made, traditional artwork again.

Your Uplifting, “Robert Stack on Unsolved Mysteries“-Style Update

Unsolved Mysteries Update screen

When it comes to basic story ideas and plots, I have several at the ready to script out; that, for whatever reason, is relatively easy for me to bang out. I’m just deciding on what I want to do with everything 

With the drawing I’ve been doing in my spare time, these thoughts came to me: what can I do traditionally (and relatively affordably) in terms of traditional comic book art? What steps can I combine to avoid wastefulness of materials?  How reliably can I keep necessary tools and materials in stock, and how much of it can I buy without giving money to a giant corporation like Amazon?

Additionally, I have a few other goals for my next project:

  1. Create as much work as I possibly can in a traditional medium, with digital assistance preferably being used only to correct any scanning issues or overall book color correction. That means no use of filters, digital effects, etc. What you see with the final production art is what you basically what you see in a page of the final book.
  2. Keep the overall boards/paper needed per final art page to as few pieces of material as possible (if everything can go one piece of board/paper, that would be ideal).
  3. The final production art should be as free of warping and buckling as possible to ensure the best scannable quality.
  4. The final book should be in full color.

To answer this, I will be testing some paper/boards (as well as pencils, inks, and paints) for specific and overall qualities that I am looking for. It will help me get where I want to go and, hopefully, someone out there looking for a different way to do things will find it helpful as well.  Be on the lookout for posts going over different materials; as I go though and pick what I like, I’ll be posting progress on that as well.

Hope you enjoy the coming updates and reviews!